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Worldwide Commercial Search Sites

                                    Key Starting Points

Company registration around the world

Country by Country profiles

Country specific Investigations

Country Statistics Database

Decode international bank account numbers

Direct links to European Land Registries

Global Gazeteer

Governments searchable database

Indigenous people, occupied countries etc

List of 2.3 Million Companies from 35 Countries

Links to official websites to validate documents

Multi-language translation - Recommended!

Offshore company search

Prado Document verification Europe

Reference database of all the worlds languages

Specific countries their backgrounds and populations

Translation and search 50 languages covered

World Leaders and Cabinets Database

Worldwide Document verification

Worldwide Embassy Search

Worldwide Newspapers mapping and links

Worldwide Newspapers searchable archives

Worldwide Search engines links

Phone / Email

188 Countries phone and e-mail directories

International phone-book

US fee Directory assistance and international directories

Worldwide phone search

Worldwide phone books organised by region

Worldwide Registries   

178 countries business regulations and procedures

A list of official company registers by country provided by Companies House.

Document verification Europe

Bureau van Dijk (BvD)

Company Formation Survey

Company Information from many places around the world

Country Report Guides 

International credit status reports on companies

Kanton St Gallen Company Registers

Worldwide Company Data

Worldwide vehicle document checks

Country Specific Search Sites



An electronic network and portal site enabling users to access and retrieve information directly from the European Business Register national corporate registers and other unaffiliated national companies registers. It is currently connected to 22 national registers. The documents are the originals that are filed with the relevant corporate register and the information will be in the local language.This is a priced, pay as you go service

A price list is available at


Companies that are required to file do so with the the commercial register.

Financial statements must also be published in the Wiener Zeitung.

Austrian Finance Ministry

Austrian Land and Commercial property register

Austrian Phonebook search

Austrian Residential  and commercial numbers


Coface Euro DB

Euro dB manages the Belgian central commercial register. (Subscription service)


Trade Register

Companies have to be entered into the commercial register kept with the relevant district court, where they can be viewed by the public.

The electronic register is available at, (but only in Bulgarian)

Information on the different types of companies can be found at;

D&B Report Guide Bulgaria

Details of establishing a Business in Bulgaria

Validate Bulgarian documents



Maintained by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Biznet, this site provides access to the Register of Business Entities.

The Register is available in both Croatian and English (Free of charge)

D&B Report Guide Croatia

Provides information on legal forms and filing requirements.


Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver

You can search by company name and free information includes name, registration date and status.

Alternatively, for companies search in Cyprus try   where you can search by name, registration number and registration date.( Free of charge)

Czech Republic

Czech Judicial System

The database can be searched by company and personal name.

The amount of information available can be quite detailed depending in the legal form of the company but most is in Czech. (Free of charge)


Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (DCCA)
This is the official registry for Danish Businesses.

There is a searchable database at the Central Business Register (CVR).


Äriregistri teabesüsteem

The Central Commercial Register includes digital data from the commercial register,

the register of non-profit associations and foundations and the commercial pledge register.

The database is searchable by company or registry code.

Free information includes name, registry code, status, area, share capital and address.


National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland

Official company register for Finnish companies.

Information on registering a company and a Trade Register of 470,000 Finnish companies that can be searched via BIS Search

Includes name of a business, trading names, company form, address, contact information, principal line of business.

It also provides information on termination, interruption of trade, bankruptcy, liquidation or reorganisation proceedings.

Free of charge and available in Finnish, English and Swedish.


Infogreffe - Trade and Companies Register - Commercial Court Registry

Official register of over 3,200,000 French companies.

Basic company and contact information free of charge. (In French)

French Business Database

French Fee paying equivalent to UK Land Registry

French Industrial Property Institute

French Solicitor (Avocat) Search

Largest French social network site

Official Register of over 3,200,000 French companies.


D&B Report Guide Georgia
Summary of legal forms and filing requirements.


Judicial register of the federal states

The joint portal of the federal states for Internet register information provides a standard interface to the registers of the federal states. You can search across all of the databases using Normale Suche or Erweiterte Suche (Advanced/Extended Search). In German.

Most of the documents are fee charged The nationl telephone book.

There is also a centralised online point of access for company information through the Unternehmensregister. (German, English, French, Italian and Spanish)

Basic Search is free


Guernsey Registry

The Registry also includes the Bailiwick of Guernsey Intellectual Property Office which administers Trade Mark and Design registrations and activities, and provides information on the Intellectual Property Laws enacted in the Bailiwick.

As well as providing e-filing services for companies, there is a searchable database at

You can search by registered number or company name (current and previous). Company number, name, type, status, registered address, activity, and date registered are available

free of charge. Additional data and documents are charged. 


Court of Company Registration

Free company information;

Menu on the left hand side. Under Ingyenes céginformáció (Free company data), which is in red, you can search on cCompany registration number (Cégkeresés a cég cégjegyzékszáma szerint), company name (Cégkeresés a cég elnevezése szerint) or tax number (Cégkeresés adószám szerint).

Click on 'Mehet' and type the letters and numbers displayed on the right hand side of the screen into the box provided.

A list of companies meeting your search criteria will then be displayed.  (In Hungarian)

Cégtaláló - CÉGKIVONAT

To search for a company use the yellow area in the centre of the screen. Click on the appropriate tab to search by company name (cégnév), tax number (adószám, cégjegyzékszám), seat (székhely) or activity (tevékenység). In Hungarian.


Companies Registration Office

The company directory can be searched free of charge and provides name, registered number, address, status, date registered, last and next annual return date, and last accounts date. Company documents can be ordered for a fee and payment is by credit card or deposit account.

Database of aircraft registered in Ireland

Eire Companies Registration Office

Free Irish car reg search to verify if stolen/correct reg

HSE Database Eire

Irish business information searchable database - fee payable

Irish Land Registry

Irish Taxi Database

Kompass free business search

Isle of Man

The Companies Registry - Isle of Man Government DED

As well as the regulation of Manx companies, the Isle of Man Companies Registry is now also responsible for the administration of legislation relating to foreign companies, limited liability companies, business names, limited partnerships and societies incorporated under the Industrial and Building Societies Acts.

There is a searchable directory and free information includes name, registered number, status, entity type (IOM company, business name, foreign company etc.), name type (current, previous), address and date of registration. Company documents can be purchased online.


Infocamere - Società Consortile di Informatica delle Camere DI Commercio Italiane per Azioni

The Italian Chambers of Commerce, which operates the national system linking Italy's Chambers of Commerce.

Company information can be obtained from Infocamere and via the European Business Register (EBR). (In Italian)


JFSC Companies Registry

This area of the Jersey Financial Services Commission provides access to information in the Companies Registry.

(Basic search free - documents and more detailed data charged)



Provides information about all enterprises, public organisations and foreign company agencies registered within the territory of Latvia including their managers, shareholders fixed capital and annual accounts. Main pages are in Latvian and English but the company information is in Latvian.

Basic company data is free. Fee payable for more detailed data..


Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés - Accueil
Searchable directory

Search by company name or number. Currently only returns registered number, name and legal form. (In French)


MFSA Registry of Companies

Free basic company details including registered address and company ID/number.


Kamer van Koophandel : Trade Register

Search of the trade register and name, address and registration number are free, Fee charged   for additional data.(Dutch and English)

Verify Dutch documents


Brønnøysund Register Centre

These registers contain information and key data on: liabilities and titles in mortgaged movable property; more than 280,000 business enterprises; more than 1,300,000 annual accounts and auditor's reports of limited companies; bankruptcies and compulsory liquidations; approximately 200,000 marriage settlements.

English pages have only basic information

Search the database link

Free information, (in Norwegian) includes registered number, name, address, telephone, fax, email address, legal form, activity and directors.


Ministry of Justice Poland

A free service enabling you to search for companies by KRS number (official company register number) or by name.

The main site and the information it provides is in Polish.

Polish social network site

Polish - English text translation


Creditinfo Romania
Information on over 600,000 Romanian companies, including shareholders, company address, telephone, company activities, financials, registration number. You can search the database free of charge and you can also view company name, address, registration number and company type.


Russian Social Network site


Serbian Business Registration Agency

The Business Register consisting of Business Entities and Entrepreneurs,

Register of Pledges over Movable Property and Rights,

The Register of Financial Leasing.

Search and data is free but not in English

The Central Securities Depository and Clearing House,

Furnishes ownership structure of companies


Companies Register of the Slovak Republic on Internet

Information includes Company Name, registered number, registration date, legal form, business activity, address and a list of deposited documents.

Free searchable directory

The interface is in Slovak and English. Much of the company information is in Slovak.


AJPES - Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services

Slovenian Business Register online (ePRS), and Annual Reports of companies, cooperatives and sole proprietors (JOLP)

In English and Slovene.

Registration (Free) is required to view the free documents.


Central Mercantile Registry. Legal Information of companies, statistics and company names

Subscription service (English, French, German and Spanish)


Swedish Companies Registration Office - Bolagsverket

Company name, registered number, status and legal form are free however registration                      required to view the data. Additional information is priced.

Access to the site and data can be made here


Central Business Names Index

Contains information business names of corporate bodies (corporations, corporations with unlimited partners, limited liability companies, co-operatives, non-profit associations and foundations) and public-law corporations registered in the Commercial Register.

Some cantons provide the full record free of charge however others charge for more than the most basic of details.

New entries and changes in the commercial register are published in

Swiss Commercial Gazette (SHAB). (English, French, German and Italian)


Companies House

The official UK body to which UK companies have to send their accounts.

You can order company documents online.

This site also gives free access to Companies Name and Address Index and the Disqualified Directors database.

Documents such as annual accounts are priced.


State Enterprise Information Resource Centre

Searchable official companies register for the Ukraine. (In Ukrainian only)


Hong Kong

Companies Registry

Site provides access procedure for obtaining public data.

The database can be searched at the Cyber Search Centre

Information includes company name, registry number, name status, company type, date of incorporation. (Free)

Additional information and data is charged.

Hong Kong Bankruptcy and Winding Up Register (Fee charged)


Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Search by company name and limit your search by state and legal form.

Company name, registered number and State are furnished free.


Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Singapore

Companies directory furnishes just registered number, name and status. (Free)

Additional information and documents can be purchased online.

Sri Lanka

Registrar of Company Names

Information includes registered name and registered number (NPVS).



ASIC National Names Index

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) has a company search facility that offers basic information on a company or business name.

Australian Business Register

Australia Bushfires Map

Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) aircraft register

Australia Digitalised Newspapers Archives

Australian Federal courts search

Australian Longest running search engine

Australian Obituaries searchable database

Australian search of banned & disqualified persons

Australia Weather site

Australia Website Archive

Date range specific aerial imagery site for Australia

P.I. Toolbox - Australian research links

Resource of Australian legal materials

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission  company search facility

University of Melbourne qualification verification

University of Queensland qualification verification

New Zealand

Companies Office

Search for companies, incorporated societies, charitable trusts; directors, shareholders and company addresses; banned directors and managers. Free information includes company name, number, date incorporated, status, entity type, annual return filing month, previous names, address, directors' names and addresses, former directors and a list of available documents.

Most of the company documents are charged and can be ordered online.

Search the New Zealand Insolvency Register

The Americas


Anguilla Financial Services

Submit a request for information using the company search form.

The information is then emailed to you (usually within 24 hours) Company status, registration number and date of incorporation are provided free.

There is a fee for additional information.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aruba

Free company register searchable by company name.

Free information includes name, address, status, legal form, date of incorporation and directors. Copies of deeds of incorporation and business listings by ISIC are charged.


Bermuda Registrar of Companies

Public Register offers company name, registration number, date of incorporation and status.

Account setup necessary for more detailed data

British Virgin Islands

Financial Services Commission Registry of Corporation Affairs Division - Related News

There are no facilities for carrying out direct online searches for companies registered in the BVI but information can be be obtained from the Registry of Corporate Affairs by filling in the relevant form - fee charged.


Strategis: Canada's Business and Consumer site

Searchable database of Canadian federal corporations.

Search by corporate number, name, city, province, status, creation date.

Available information includes name, previous names, status, address, names of directors, date of incorporation, when annual returns/summaries have been filed, amalgamations and subsidiaries/parent concerns. (Free of charge)

Canada Business startup info by province

Canadian Database of stolen vehicles

Searchable Database of Canadian Federal Corporations.


System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval. The electronic filing system for the disclosure documents of public companies and mutual funds across Canada. Search by name, industry, document type and date. (Free of charge)

Searchable Database of Companies in Canada

Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Company Incorporation

There is no searchable database but contact details for the Registrar of Companies are     provided. The Registrar is allowed to release only the name and type of company, the date of registration, and the address of its registered office.

General Regsitry Cayman Islands

The General Registry Cayman Islands enables you to order birth, marriage and death     certificates and now has a company search option. To gain access to the company search you first have to register (Free of charge). There is a fee to view company records.


Curacao Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Searchable registry of companies. Search by company name or registry number.

Information on each company includes trade name, official name, registry number, address,

legal form, date of incorporation, capital, directors. (Free of charge)


The Office of the Registrar of Companies, Jamaica

Search by company name or business name. Company name, registration number,

industry sector and status(Free of charge)

Fee charged for more detailed information on a company.


Sistema de Informacion Empresarial Mexicano, SIEM

National Business Information Registry - searchable online and provides contact details, date of incorporation, number of employees etc.

Free of charge. (In Spanish only)


Registro Público de Panamá

The Public Registry for incorporations of Companies and Foundations in Panama.

Searchable online register (Spanish only).


Incorporation is the responsibility of the State governments and detailed requirements vary according to State law. The amount of information available on a company also varies and, in some cases, you may find data to be virtually non-existent.

Corporations whose shares are to be traded publicly have to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and file their documents electronically with the SEC.

If you are looking for information on non publicly traded companies, you will have to know where it is incorporated.

U.S. State Corporations Databases

This is part of a Company Research list of resources provided by Rutgers Business Librarians Roberta Tipton and Ka-Neng Au.

SEC EDGAR Database

The official archive of SEC filings. Since May 1996 all SEC listed companies are required to file electronically. The information on this site is free and some data goes back to 1993.


US State Corporations Divisions


Corporations Division - Alabama Secretary of State

Provides free access to public information maintained by the Secretary of State's office in electronic format. Information includes name, place of incorporation, date, agent, address,

names of directors/members/partners.


Alaska Division of Occupational Licensing
Free searchable database providing name, registered number, legal forma, status, date of creation, agent name and address, names and address of directors, officers, members and managers. There is also a list of reports and documents that have been filed and the more of these can be viewed as PDFs free of charge.


Arizona Corporation Commission Corporations Division

Browsable list of corporations or you can search by name or number. Information includes address, agent, names and addresses of officers/directors, incorporation date, legal form. You can also view free of charge any scanned company documents that have been made available.


Arkansas Secretary of State: Business/ Commercial Services

Information available includes name of corporation, filing number, type, status, address, agent and officers names. Free of charge.


California Secretary of State - Business Portal

Search for Corporations and Limited Partnerships/Limited Liability Companies separately. Information available includes name, number, date filed, status, address, agent. Free of charge.


Colorado Secretary of State

Free searchable database providing name, ID number, agent name and address, status, form, formation date and filed documents as PDFs.


CT Secretary of the State

No searchable database available.


Division of Corporations

You can search the database by following the Services - General Information link on the left

hand side of the screen. Free information includes entity name, file number, incorporation/formation date, registered agent name, address, phone number and residency. Additional information may be available for a fee.

District of Columbia

Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs

Information and regulations on company formation in the District of Columbia.

You can search the database of registered organizations at Information available includes name, status, registered agent, file number, initial

date of registration and type of organisation.


Division of Corporations - Florida Department of State

Provides free of charge company name, status, address, FEI number, directors/officers name

and address, agent.

You can also view 'events' and 'name history' as well as documents such as annual reports as TIFF files.


Georgia Secretary of State | Corporations Division

Database can be searched by company name or agent. Information includes name, address, status, legal form, filing date, when last annual return was filed, agent and corporate officers (corporations only).

Free of charge.

Hawaii - Connecting You to Hawai`i State Government

Follow the 'Search for a Business Name' link. Information includes name, address, file number, legal form, status, formation date, agent, annual filing information, officer information,

transaction information for example change of agent, address change. Free of charge.


IDSOS Business Entity Index

Search by business name, city, filing number, agent name, agent city, date of origination. Information provided includes name, filing number, legal form, status, address, agent,

date of last annual report, amendments, for example name change.

Documents and annual reports can be viewed as TIFF files. Free of charge.


Business Services

Search by name or file number. Information includes name, file number, status, legal form,

date of incorporation, filing date, agent, annual return filing date, officers names and addresses (corporations only).


Secretary of State - Business Services Division

Free information includes name type, legal form, address, control number, status,

entity creation date, entity expiration date (if applicable), entity inactive date (if applicable)

and any other names.


Iowa Secretary of State

Search by name or corporation number. Information provided includes name, alternative names, number, status, address, date created, agent, officers names and addresses.

You can also view documents such as articles of incorporation and biennial reports as TIFF files. Free of charge.


Kansas Business Entity Search

Search by name, agent name, number, city and date. Information includes name, address, tax year end, date of incorporation, date of last annual report, agent, entity type, status. Free of charge.


Kentucky: Secretary of State - Overview

Search by name or number. Information available includes name, type, status, filing date,

date of last annual return, address, agent, officers, trading names,

annual reports as TIFF or PDF. You can also search by officer name. Free of charge.


Louisiana Secretary of State/Corporations Database

search by business name, individual or charter number. Information provided includes name, type, charter number, status, date of filing of last report, address, date created, agent and

officers names and addresses. Free of charge.


Maine Corporations Division

Search by name or charter number. You can also restrict your search to a category such as limited partnership, bank corporation, local independent church. Free information includes

name, charter number, business type, status, filing date, other names and agent.


SDAT: Data Search

Search by name or ID. Information provided includes ID number, name, status, primary owner, address, amendments, agent, date of formation and filing dates. Free of charge.


Massachusetts Corporations Division

Search by name, ID, directors or officers. Information provided includes name, ID number,

entity type, date of registration, name changes, agent, officers/directors names and addresses. Recent documents such as annual reports can be viewed online as PDF files. Free of charge.


DLEG-BCS-Corporation Division Database Lookup

Search by name or ID number. Information provided includes name, ID number, type, agent, address, incorporation date, year of most recent annual report. Documents such as annual returns, articles of incorporation are available online as TIFF files. Free of charge.


Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State - Business Center

Search by name. Information includes name, ID number, entity type, original date of filing, status, date of last annual return, address. (Free of charge) Additional information is charged per item


Business Services

Search by name, ID, officers or registered agent. Information includes name, charter number, type, status, address, creation date, agent, officers and directors. Filed documents are available as PDFs. (Free of charge)


SOS, Missouri - Business Services

Search by name, charter number or agent. Information includes name, charter number, type, status, creation date and agent. Filed documents can be viewed as PDFs. (Free of charge)


Business Entity Search - Montana Secretary of State

Search by name. Information includes name, type, city, state, status, ID number, date of incorporation, date of filing of last annual return, agent. (Free of charge)


Nebraska Secretary of State

Search by name. Free information includes name, number, type, status, address, agent,

nature of business, officers names and addresses.


Corporation Search - Secretary of State, Nevada

Search by name, number, officer name, or agent. Information includes name, number, agent, officers names and addresses and actions/amendments. (Free of charge)

New Hampshire

Corporation Search

Search by name, ID number or agent. Information includes name, type, ID number, status, date of creation, address, date of filing of last annual report, agent. You can also view a list of filed documents, the more recent of which are available as PDFs. (Free of charge)

New Jersey

N.J. Department of Treasury - Division of Revenue, Business Services

Search by name, ID number, Officer and or Director name. Name, ID number and Type of Business 

(Free of charge)  Additional information (is charged

New Mexico

Corporations Information Inquiry

Search by corporation name or director. Information includes name, number, date of creation, type, status, purpose, filing date, address, agent, names of directors/officers. (Free of charge)

New York

NYS Division of Corporations, State Records

Search by name. Information includes name, initial filing date, county, type, status, address an agent. (Free of charge)

North Carolina

Corporations Home

Search by corporate name or registered agent. Information includes name, type, status, date formed, ID number and agent. Filed documents can be viewed as PDFs. (Free of charge)

North Dakota

Business Records Search: North Dakota Secretary of State

Search by name or ID number. Information includes name, ID number, type, status,

original filing date, nature of business, address, agent. (Free of charge)


Ohio Secretary of State

Search by name, charter number, agent, document ID, prior business name or church name. Under the entity name search you can further limit your search by type, status, location,

county or state. Information includes name, charter number, type, original filing date, status, location and agent. (Free of charge)


Oklahoma SoonerAccess Online Home Page

Search by name, agent, name of person (incorporator, partner, member or manager), or filing number. Name, filing number, type and agent (Free of charge)

Charge payable for additional data


Corporation Division

Search by name or registry number. Free information includes name, registry number, type, status, address, agent, officers, name history and list of filed documents.

Copies of filings are charged



Search by entity number or name. Information includes name, ID number, type, address, filing date, purpose, corporate officers. (Free of charge)

Rhode Island

Secretary of State - Corporations Division Home Page

Search by name, ID number, agent, officer, purpose or street address. Information includes

name, ID number, type, status, purpose, SIC code, file date, last report date, address, agent, officers and event history. Annual Reports can be viewed as TIF files. (Free of charge)

South Carolina

South Carolina Secretary of State

Search by name. Information includes name, type, status, agent and a list of filings.

(Free of charge)

South Dakota

Corporations Administrator

Search by name or ID number. Information includes name, ID number, date of incorporation,

last annual report, type, agent, directors/officers names.

(Free of charge)


Business Services - Corporations

Information includes name, ID number, type, status, date of formation, address, agent,

business filing history.


Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts - Taxable Entity Search

Basic business entity information including name, status, location, agent, file number, SOS (Secretary of State) registration date, and taxpayer ID.  You can search by file number, tax ID or entity name. (Free of charge)


Utah Department of Commerce

Search by name or entity number.

Free information includes name, type, status, address, registration date and agent. Additional information on principal individuals associated with the entity incurs a small fee.


Vermont Secretary of State - Corporations

Search by name. Information includes name, status, file number, incorporation date, agent, officers names and description.

(Free of charge)


Virginia State Corporation Commission - Office of the Clerk

The information available includes name, entity ID number, status, agent and officers names. (Free of charge)


Department of Revenue

Search by business or owner name and town, or by tax registration number.

Information includes name, trading name, registration number, city, status, address, type.

(Free of charge)


West Virginia

West Virginia Secretary of State

Search by name. Information includes name, type, date of incorporation, addresses, officers, name change information, mergers, subsidiaries and a list of filed annual reports.

(Free of charge)


Wisconsin On-Line Business Services


Wyoming Secretary of State Corporations

Search by name. Information includes name, ID number, type, status, address, initial filing date, agent, officers and directors. You can also download the entire corporations data file.

(Free of charge)

Additional USA Sites of Interest

American County Jails database

American National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW)

American Open source Databases

American Phone Number Search

American Physician and Coroners Register

Excellent USA specific list of research links

Federal Bureau of Prisons in the USA, database of all Federal inmates

incarcerated since 1982 onwards

Federal inmate locater usa

Find an American High School

Free online source for US maps, photos, and charts

Locate a Detainee in Immigration custody

Search for broker or brokerage firm

Searchable USA Postcode (zip) database

Searchable database of American Aviation bases

State inmate locater usa

The official archive of SEC listed companies

US Database of non profit companies

US government site Links to document search

and procedures worldwide

U.S. State Corporations Databases

Vehicle History database (USA)


South Africa

South African Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office

Database of private and public companies searchable by name.

Free information includes name, registration number, registration date, business start date,

type of company, status history, current status, SIC, address and contact details.

Africa Intelligence pages.

Africa news pages

Worldwide Companies Registries












British Virgin Islands


Colombian Chamber of Commerce



Cyprus (Greek/English)

Czech Judicial System Information

Czech Republic (Czech)

Denmark (Danish)



Finland (Finnish/Swedish/English)

France - Infogreffe

France - INPI





Hong Kong



Ireland (Republic of)

Isle of Man

Israeli Company Registrar




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New Zealand


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